Annunciators and Motion Alarms
Kaploss Annunciators and Motion Alarms are used to notify sales associates of any in-store activity.

Door chimes provide audible alerts to customers entering or exiting the store, dressing rooms or stock areas. Additionally, they allow associates to better monitor store traffic.

Kaploss Motion Alarms provide visual indication of movement or activity in designated areas that might otherwise go undetected.
  • Long range transmission up to 200 FT (60m)
  • LED and display indication
  • Battery operated or AC powered
  • Compact design
  • Variety of tones
  • Easily installed
  • Increased sales associate productivity
  • Versatile applications
  • Activity information systems
Mini Annunciator (KAP1)
This self contained motion alarm is powered by a 9 volt battery and is installed in minutes. It is ideal for restricted and isolated areas, such as dressing and stock rooms. Fully Adjustable.
Wireless Customer Service Unit (KAP2)
The Wireless Customer Service Unit is a Multi-zoned annunciator to aid in calling attention to the showcase that might require sales help. This unit can be operated by two methods, a push button transmitter or magnetic contacts.

The standard unit can handle two zones and is expandable to six zones.
Wireless Annunciator System (KAP3)
The KAP3 Annunciator System can be used to inform you a soon as someone enters a room or area. The transmitter and receiver can be placed up to 200 feet (unobstructed). Two transmitters can be used on each receiver.
Wireless Annunciator System (KAP5)
The The KAP5 Annunciator System alerts you by 3 different chime tones and/or activates other electric devices(eg. Dorr strikes, lights, siren, CCTV) with relay output and a range of 150 feet. The motion detector provided in the kit triggers the system. The KAP5 offers you comfort and convenience in all applications without complex wiring.
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