MP Police Lock
Benefits of Multi-Point Locking
The typical break-in occurs when a burglar tries to pry the door from the frame at the lock area. Multi-point locking defeats this method by protecting the door like a bank vault.
Protect your valuable inventory and merchandise in stock rooms, computer rooms, safe rooms, utility closets, remote buildings
and other areas where an emergency exit door is not required.
Maximum Protection Against Break-Ins
Bolts the door to the frame at 4 independent locations - Greater Resistance To Crowbars & Other Prying & Forced Entry Methods
Easy operation - One turn of the key or interior knob projects
                              or retracts all bolts simultaneously
Surface Mounted - Easy Installation On Any Solid Door
Dustproof strike provided for rounded lower bolt on all models - Resists Jamming Due To Dirt Build-Up
Hardened Steel Exterior Guard Plate - Resists Drilling Or Wrenching Cylinder
Adaptable To All Keying Systems - Standard, Removable Core Or Pick-Resistant Rim Cylinders May Be Used

Bolt Type
Inswing Doors; Square Deadbolts (A)
4” Square laminated steel deadbolts project into strike brackets mounted on the frame.
Outswing Doors; Round Deadbolts (B)
5” long, 5/8 diameter rounded stainless steel deadbolts project into holes drilled into the frame.

Exterior Options & Guard Plate
Interior Options
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