4 Point Trident Lock
Maximum Protection At The Lock Edge
Bolts The Door To The Frame At 4 Locations
Protects Against Prying Attempts
Thru-Bolted Stainless Steel Anti-Pry Plate
Thru-Bolted Hinge Side Bolt
Thru-Bolted Upper & Lower Modules
Stainless Steel Bolts Project One Full Inch
Greater Resistance To Crowbars
Code Compliant Exiting
Paddle Retracts All Bolts Simultaneously
Eliminates Non-Compliant Slidebolts On Door
Easy Installation In Under 2 Hours
Full-Size Metal Template Provided For Accurate Installation
Wall Mounted Alarm Option
Protected Against Weather & Delivery Carts
Full Range of Alarm & Entry Options
Battery, Direct Power, Signal Output, Keyed Entry, Access Control
Spring loaded bolts stay engaged while the door is virtually peeled away from the TRIDENT lock. Watch the movie
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